Happy National Coming Out Day!

Coming out happens in all sorts of ways - it can be one big hoorah type of celebration, it can be incremental over time, or some people don't have one "coming out" moment, and other times, we're outed or forced to come out before we're ready. No matter how you do or don't come out, … Continue reading Happy National Coming Out Day!

2018 Bisexuality Awareness Week (9/19 – 9/26)

Today marks the last day of Bisexual Awareness week! Social media has been ablaze with the pink, purple, blue flag that represents the bisexual community all week. I wanted to do my part to help put an end to bierasure so I wrote an impromptu post! Let’s have a quick discussion on how we can … Continue reading 2018 Bisexuality Awareness Week (9/19 – 9/26)

Dear America (RE: 2016 Presidential Election)…

November 9, 2016 I cried while driving to work today. I had to call a friend who works in the same building as I do to come outside and calm me down and we cried together and hugged in the parking lot. I cried at my desk. I cried in the bathroom. I cried on … Continue reading Dear America (RE: 2016 Presidential Election)…

Love Won a Year Ago

This piece was originally published for the Juneau Empire, June 26, 2016. But I feel like it belongs here, too. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my phone buzz on my desk, the message previewing: “love won” in all caps, accompanied with an unreasonable amount of exclamation marks. I was mid-sentence in an email at … Continue reading Love Won a Year Ago

It’s Just Clam Jamming!

I’m seeing a lot of “if you’re a man who has sex with men, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re gay!” headlines lately in my Facebook feed (in large part, I think, as a response to the 2016 Olympic “reporter” who used Grindr to out athletes). Congrats random article that I’m not bothering to read, you’re … Continue reading It’s Just Clam Jamming!