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Book Review: The Queen of Ieflaria, by Effie Calvin

The Queen of Ieflaria, by Effie Calvin, first in the Tales of Inthya series, is a quick and satisfying fantasy read. There is magic, LGBTQ+ inclusive world building, dragons, and court intrigue. And if that isn’t enough to pull you in, the amazing cast of female characters sure as hell will win your heart.

Video Game Review: Monster Prom

Are you someone who is looking for a fun game to play by yourself or with up to three other friends? Have you ever wanted to play a competitive dating simulator? Are you at all into monsters (or the furry community)? Well, hold your butts because Monster Prom is the game for you if you answered yes to any of those questions!

CONTENT WARNING: Monster Prom is highly inappropriate. This review is safe for work but the game itself is not safe for all ages.

Movie Review: The Half of It (2020)

The Netflix original movie, The Half of It directed and written by Alice Wu (director and writer of Saving Face), is an interesting take on a high school romance drama. Interesting because, well, minor spoiler alert that the film gives away within the first five minutes – it isn’t actually a romance.