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Welcome to The Queerblr! 

Here at The Queerblr, we’re committed to bringing you quality reviews for all types of queer media. We review books, movies, graphic novels, games, and more! Everything posted here is related in some fashion to the queer community (or the LGBTQ+ community, whichever umbrella term you prefer).  Our aim is to give honest, insightful reviews for all types of consumable media that has queer themes and characters to help our queerders figure out what to read, watch, listen to, or play next.

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Our Reviewers

QIconBrittany (she/her)

Alaskan grown, tattoo obsessed, and queer media enthusiast, Brittany is the owner, admin, and lead writer for The Queerblr. By day she’s a human resource professional and by night, when she’s not writing or reading, she can be found playing video games with her girlfriend. On the weekends when she not running D&D games for her friends, she’s out exploring the pacific northwest by land with her dogs or exploring the waterways in her kayak.

SilasSilas (they/them)

Silas works in the medical field but would much rather talk about books, movies, and writing all day. They like cats more than people, purposely get lost in the woods, and allow their imagination to run wild, way too often. If Silas isn’t dragging their spouse, kids, and dog down a hiking trail, they’re probably hiding behind the couch binge-reading with a cat in their lap.