Comment Policy


The nature of this site is to be fun, educational, and safe.  We at The Queerblr are committed to maintaining that environment for our queerders and hope that someday we’ll be our own little online community of sorts.  To ensure that we don’t miss anything, please follow the following rules when leaving comments or replies:

  1. Trolls (AKA: spammers, flamers, asshats, etc.) not allowed. If the only intention of your comment is to try and start an argument without actually adding anything meaningful to the discourse, please step away from your keyboard.
  2. Do not feed the trolls.
  3. Do not use hurtful, insulting, or otherwise unkind language towards each other. If you feel like using profanity, that’s fine (as we don’t abstain in our posts).  But – under no circumstance will racist, homophobic, sexist, or otherwise degrading and disrespectful comments be tolerated.
  4.  Please refrain from leaving comments in all caps.  No one likes to be yelled at.  And it is hard to read for us dyslexic folks.

Currently, we do not have a comment moderation process in place before comments are posted.  We hope that that won’t be needed, but we will implement it if the need arises, as we are committed to keeping this a safe, educational, and enjoyable online community space.