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Tag: Pride Month

I Heart SapphFIC Pride Collection

This week we’re doing something a little different! Instead of telling you my thoughts on one book, I’m going to promote eight books in one post! That’s right–The Queerblr has partnered with I Heart SapphFIC to promote eight wonderful books for Pride 2022.

Queerblr Pride Party Playlist: Miscellaneous Mixtape Vol. 2

Our fourth and final playlist for The Queerblr’s 2020 Pride Party Playlist is highlighting fifteen LGBTQ+ artists, culminating in our Miscellaneous Mixtape, volume 2. This list features several “American Top 40” artists, but I still wanted to highlight them because they are LGBTQ+ musicians who are doing their part to normalize being queer.

Queerblr Pride Party Playlist: LGBTQ+ Black Artists

Our first playlist for The Queerblr’s June Pride Party Playlist is highlighting ten LGBTQ+ black artists. We hope that you find some artists you haven’t heard of, enjoy what you hear, and go support them! In the descriptions below, we’ve chosen to use gender neutral terms for all of the artists to ensure that no one is mis-gendered (now or in the future).