Queerblr Pride Party Playlist: Miscellaneous Mixtape

Our third playlist for The Queerblr’s June Pride Party Playlist is highlighting eleven LGBTQ+ artists, culminating in our Miscellaneous Mixtape. We hope that you find some artists you haven’t heard of, enjoy what you hear, and go support them!

Please note we have not flagged any artist for explicit content because your listening platform of preference will do it for you. We also don’t want an “explicit song” stamp to deter anyone from giving any of the artists a listen.




Twitter: @HoityToity_CA

Hoity-Toity Spotify artist page

Hoity-Toity is a Redlands, California all-girl alt-rock band. The group has several band members who, according to their Twitter and Instagram accounts, are LGBTQIA+ and the music video for Mykinnacoma was recorded while they were performing at the first annual Redlands Pride in the Park event in 2019. They pack a serious vocal punch accompanied with strong guitar, bass, and drums all around as each individual band member takes musical inspiration from different performers, making their own wonderfully unique sound. On June 15th, Hoity-Toity tweeted about a compilation album TRANSGENRE – A Benefit Compilation Album for Trans Lifeline and it is a great place to go support a great cause and hear more amazing music from LGBTQIA+ artists.


The Cliks

Twitter: @thecliks

The Cliks Spotify artist page

The Cliks, with Canadian singer-songwriter Lucas Silveira as vocals and guitarist, is a band that I listened to when I was in college. The band’s sound changed from their 2009 Dirty King album to their 2013 Black Tie Elevator album alongside Silveira’s transition. The Cliks remains a wonderful band with music for all listeners. According to The Cliks’ website: “The Cliks no longer perform due to Silveira’s hearing loss and complications of tinnitus but once in a while, when the musical sirens call, you can hear him doing a low key, acoustic guitar or piano based performance.” Despite no longer releasing music, Silveira occasionally drops original music on The Cliks’ YouTube channel.



Twitter: @iamlp

LP’s Spotify artist page

LP (Laura Pergolizz) is an American singer songwriter who has written music for American Top 40 arists and music legends like Cher, Rihanna, the Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera and more. In 2011/2012 they began releasing their own music. LP has a voice with a verbrato that reminds me of classic country singers but their music is modern and not at all country in instrumentation. LP shot up in recognition in the US when they released Lost on You in 2015. The video (below) of LP singing the song went viral shortly after (in January 2016) and swept across several social media platforms where the masses were impressed with their vocal range and control. Their music has emotional weight behind it packed with LP’s delivery make for some powerful music.


Miss Benny

Twitter: @Miss_Benny

Miss Benny Spotify artist page

Miss Benny, is, as they put it in their spotify artist page “[an] independent American singer/songwriter, music producer, and visual chameleon Miss Benny is an androgynous pop phenomenon […]. With lyrics full of flirtatious bravado and rowdy production, Miss Benny explores the budding sexuality of newfound adulthood through the lens of a young queer romantic.” Miss Benny’s music is nothing short of fabulous and unapologetically queer. They have also previously released other songs (Little Games, Boys Will Be Boys, and Never Apart) under a different name that are equally unapologetic in their queerness and bring attention to several toxic heternormative topics, such as gender roles and holding people to different standards based on their gender. Though their music catalog is small, Miss Benny has a voice, lyrics, and beats that are here to be heard and I suspect we’ll get plenty of more music from them.



Twitter: @shawneemusic

Shawnee’s Spotify artist page

Shawnee is a Canadian two-spirits singer songwriter who “uses music as medicine.” Shawnee has a powerful voice that accompanies the lyrics of their songs, many of which take hard stances on social movements, especially when accompanied with the official music videos. Shawnee’s vocal range is impressive despite some of the more simple refrains/choruses in the music compilation. Shawnee has a new single, Don’t Go, coming out on June 19th.


Jake Wesley Rogers

Twitter: @jakewrogers

Jake Wesley Rogers’ Spotify artist page

Jake Wesley Rogers is an American musician who has a song that blends genres despite being categorized as a pop artist. Rogers’ vocal range is incredibly impressive, hitting both high and low notes in a way that touch the very soul of the listener. From his spotify artist page: “Soulful vocal melodies, driving musical arrangements, and artful lyricism are where Jake Wesley Rogers shines – the sum cascading forward in striking compositions. The results quiet a room – making an immediate appeal to the soul.” The lyrics are complex, making the listener think as they listen, listening through the similes and biblical metaphors in his latest EP release, Spiritual. There is something for every type of listener in Rogers’ music.


G Flip

Twitter: @gflipmusic

G Flip Spotify artist page

G Flip is an Australian singer songwriter who started her musical career as a drummer but in 2017 made the move to write and produce her own music. She made a makeshift recording studio in her bedroom and composed the entirety of her album, About Us. Her songs are unapologetically queer as the lyrics focus on tumultuous phases of relationships between two women. This pop artist has songs that will get stuck in your head and make you feel the raw emotion that is so tightly connected to G Flip’s lived experience.



Twitter: @movebyumusic

Move.By.U’s Spotify artist page

Move.By.U, previously known as Motions, is a Riverside, California based band and has frontman, Landon Frederick, a transman, as their lead vocalist. The band has grown in the last few years and their sound is something that belongs on the American top 40 charts. Their songs are catchy, smartly composed with lyrics that meant to get stuck in your head or sung along to while driving.


girl in red

Twitter: @_girlinred_

girl in red Spotify artist page

girl in red (intentionally left un-capitalized) is a solo project of Marie, a Norwegian artist who creates and produces all of her music in her room. Her music has a vintage sound to it, as the songs are intentionally a bit unpolished but still a wonderful auditory experience. The songs are unapologetic in their women loving women lyrics and accompanied with smart instrumentation. Her music is incredibly nostalgic for me, as her sound emulates a lot of the bands that I was listening to as I made the life transition from being in high school to a college student. She sounds familiar but entirely new and I love that about her work.


Miki Ratsula

Twitter: @miki_ratsula

Miki Ratsula’s Spotify artist page

Miki Ratsula is another artist with nordic roots who currently hails from California and creates and produces all of their own work in a home bedroom setup. Ratsula is a genderqueer artist who began writing love songs about their girlfriend and sharing their experience as a gay and genderqueer person. They are another artist with unapologetic queer lyrics that celebrate queer love. Ratsula’s voice is smooth and whether accompanied by a solo guitar or a full band accompaniment, their voice is the focus that brings everything together.



Twitter: @ZALATANmusic

ZALATAN’s Spotify artist page

ZALATAN is a queer electronic musician from New York who I found through Twitter! ZALATAN is the namesake solo endeavor of Erica Zalatan and her music is nothing short of awesome. Despite being electronica music, her songs inspire listeners to dance or move. I enjoy listening to her album, Z as in Zebra, when I’m writing or playing a video game that doesn’t have important audio. Zalatan’s music is great for listening in all situations, whether dancing, driving, or doing data entry at work – the beats and compilation of levels will keep you energized and ready to do all the things.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this playlist sampling. Check out the Queerblr Pride Party Playlist 2: Miscellaneous Mixtape where we’ve created a 22 song playlist for this week highlighting the above artists!

Don’t forget to let us know who your favorite LGBTQ+ musical artists/bands are so we can include them in later playlists throughout the month by either commenting below, commenting on the @Queerblr thread on Twitter, or sending us a message to either our Instagram or Facebook.

We’ll see you next week with more music!

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