Announcement: Pride Party Playlist Month!

For the month of June, The Queerblr will be posting a weekly “Pride Party Playlist” to feature as many queer musical artists as we can!


Pride is cancelled all across the globe for many communities. While we at The Queerblr agree that this is the right thing to do in these unprecedented times to keep our communities safe we don’t believe that our communities should have to devoid themselves of the basic fun that Pride provides. So why not have an at home dance party while we shelter in place or destress from a long day of work if you’re working during these times?


We understand that life right now for a lot of us is really quite stressful if not downright scary. On top of COVID-19, Americans are still bombarded by news of police violence against (or, we’ll call it what it is – murder and/or manslaughter) people of color and the resulting protests and riots and continued police brutality against peaceful protesters despite a month ago seeing throngs of white gun toting citizens protesting being forced to stay home who weren’t met with any police force whatsoever. For our readers in other countries, we know that things are crazy right now too.


A side-note from Brittany: I apologize — for my own mental health I’ve had to severely limit my news intake and am unable to list things other than recent events in America as I’m simply not aware – not that we all need the reminder of the terrible things happening across the globe. I intend to do my research and to become a well informed individual again when my mental health can withstand it, but it needs some time. And as a note directly to everyone reading this: if you feel overwhelmed by everything happening in the world I want to tell you that it is okay to disconnect for a bit. Your mental health is important. We’re facing a time like no other in our lives and your feelings of stress, anxiety, depression or whatever else are 100% valid. Take care of yourselves, let yourself feel, but don’t put yourself through more emotional labor than you have to right now.

And if it isn’t clear enough – here at The Queerblr we believe that Black Lives Matter, that No Human is Illegal, that Love is Love, and that Science is Real.


The Queerblr is trying to do our part to alleviate some the stress caused by the general state life in 2020. That’s why we’re putting together four LGBTQ+ playlists for the month of June! We will have a weekly Pride Party Playlist postings every Wednesday throughout the month. The posts will consist of highlights on five to ten queer musical artists each week, hopefully with links to music videos (if the artist/band has them up online) and Spotify (for the individual artists/bands and The Queerblr’s playlist). We’ll the make the most of 2020 Pride as we can, even if it’s dancing in our rooms, singing along in the car, or listening as we make our way home from a protest.


Let us know who your favorite LGBTQ+ artists/bands are, no matter what their genre of music is, in the comments so we can spread the music love and highlight them in our posts!


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