Content Coming Soon!

Hello my lovely queerders (that’s you)!  Just a quick hello to say that content is coming soon! We will start posting on September 1st.

This site is a long time coming for me. The concept started when I was working on my creative writing thesis for my bachelor’s degree and was inundated with reading lesbian young adult literature.  While I was reading the various books that I’d selected I realized that I didn’t much like any of it, despite it being aimed at a young lesbians, which was me at one point in my life.  I had a hard time connecting to the books that I read and grew frustrated with what I was reading rather than enjoying it.  So I wanted to analyze it to figure out why I wasn’t liking these books, which led to analysis of plots, themes, characters, and writing styles.

The idea for the site has grown far beyond my original ideas of calling out bad writing.  I actually want this site to be a source for honest reviews of queer media of all types (books, TV series, movies, games, web-series, any consumable media).  My hope is that it will give my readers insightful reviews and help them figure out what they’ll read, listen to, watch, or play next and help them be able to articulate what they do or don’t  like in their media.

The site has taken one final evolution as I’ve been prepping for the launch.  That final form is that I intend to write my own creative non-fiction or opinion pieces, all based on my experiences or observations of all things queer.  Creative non-fiction is probably one of my favorite forms of writing and now that I have a website all of my own, why the hell not write more of it, right?

My hope is that this site will create a supportive community with rich discussion.  It will always be a judgment free zone and I’ll do my best to boot any trolls.  My readers can always message me on whatever is easiest for them, either through the site, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook.  It may take me a bit to respond, but I’ll do everything I can to do so.

So here’s to finally seeing this site to fruition! I’ll see you with some fun content on September 1st!

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